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End-to-End IoT Software Development Services

The success of any Internet of Things (IoT) or Machine-to-Machine (M2M) device is dependent on its ability to connect to the cloud and other devices on a consistent basis. Inbase offers specialised M2M/IoT software development services such as embedded software, cross-platform apps, and database integration.

IoT and M2M Systems Embedded

We programme and integrate embedded software and firmware (microcontrollers, processors, gateways, sensors) into a wide range of IoT and M2M devices, such as smart home appliances, industrial automation mechanisms (IIoT), consumer electronics, smart cars, and wearables. We work with software embedded in IoT/M2M devices with sensors, touch screens, and other real-time data transfer methods..

IoT Application Development

We are a software development firm that creates high-quality desktop, mobile, and browser-based applications for controlling and reading IoT devices. Centralized control panels simplify the process of enabling and disabling devices, setting sensor triggers, and controlling other settings for all integrated systems. In addition, we integrate best-in-class Business Intelligence (BI) software to generate and share actionable insights.

Sensor advancement

We create a wide range of sensors that detect motion (including specific directions and gestures), pressure, temperature and humidity, the presence and proximity of objects, and environmental factors (water quality, chemicals and gases present). We assist with the automation of processes such as location tracking, industrial machine operation, proximity alerts, and machine learning.

Database Solutions for IoT

For optimal scalability, we programme and integrate cloud-hosted and in-system NoSQL databases that are fault tolerant, consistently available, and intelligently distributed. We also work with managed IoT databases such as MongoDB and AWS's Kinesis and DynamoDB. Robust pathways ensure that all captured data is uploaded and restructured so that it can be analysed quickly.

Networking Solutions That Work

We create custom Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocols that enable wireless and smart devices to be discovered across Wi-Fi, NFC, RFID, iBeacon, LAN, LoRaWAN, BLE, and Bluetooth networks. We also create embedded software for smart device discovery, reconciliation, and validation.

Broad Internet of Things/M2M Connectivity

Our custom IoT development services include web service and API integration services for all popular IoT/M2M architectures, as well as IPv6 identification protocols. These aid in the bidirectional exchange of JSON and XML between systems.



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