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Digital Signage Software

Background / Overview

Digital Signage is cloud-based, content-rich Digital Signage Software is a central platform for all your digital signage needs, from building & distributing dynamic content to remotely managing a network of digital signage available for use. The Digital Signage software is unique for its extensive library of dynamic content apps & widgets. The widgets expand the functionality of digital signage solutions by allowing users to easily display dynamic content that auto-updates.

Digital Signage Software all in one platform has enterprise feature that are engineered to simplify the management of digital signs, dynamic content, playlist & playback schedules.

Inbase provide enterprise-class Digital Signage Software & supports that enable you to create & publish engaging visual media for customers.

Key Modules of Digital Signage Software

1. Generic Master

Under generic master city master admin can add the city name where they provide services to their customer. In Area master, Admin can add, delete the locality, area with their description

1. Master

Billboard master admin can manage the digital advertisement area, the screening time, title, description of the digital advertisement. In billboard master, admin can add, delete, edit the plan/image, their screening timing and the area-wise location and see their status.

• Coupon Master

Through coupon master admin can see and manage the coupon code, discount amount, validation date and manage also the user is multiuser or not.

• Testimonial Master

The testimonial is a feedback of the clients about their services. Admin can manage, add, and delete the testimonial. In this admin can add their name, mobile no., email-id, message, billboard and the rating which is given by clients.

3. Order Management

In order management, admin can manage all the order which is running, completed or newly. They can edit all the details of the order and can manage all products.

4. Fault

In fault section, admin has added a fault category that digital billboard is stopped, due to technical issue, Riots, disaster. In this admin can add or delete the fault category.

5. Notification

Notification admin can easily send the notification to the client in this they mention the billboard, select client, fault issue, notification type (Email, SMS), there template & the description. This notification is not only sent to the client when there is fault issue. But it is sent to the client for payment due & when admin received the payment.



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