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Inbase Technologies (abbreviated "Inbase Technologies" or "we") is a global software development firm. We have written this Privacy Policy ("Policy") in collaboration with our subsidiaries to explain our online data protection practises. This Policy explains what information we will collect about you when you visit and its subsidiaries (collectively "Websites").

We also collect information from you when you send an email, fill out our contact form, or apply for a job through our website. This Policy describes how we collect information, how we use it, and how you, the data subject, can control how we use this information. We also describe how we use cookies and any limitations on our liability.

We encourage you to read through our Policy and its details before using our Website. It specifies the scope of our use of your personal data. Our Websites are not appropriate for children under the age of 16, and we do not market to them. We do not intentionally collect personal information from children under the age of 16.

Our Website Terms of Service are included at the end of this Policy. This Policy is included in our Terms of Service. Please be aware that we will update this policy and our Terms on a regular basis, and we encourage you to check back frequently for any changes.

If you have questions about our Policy, please contact us at


We use your personal information only in accordance with local and international law. Our use is based on a legitimate legal reason for using all of the personal information we have collected about you. We only use your personal information when we have a legal reason to. We will only use your personal information if you have expressly consented to its use. We also share information when audits, investigations, and other legal situations require it. We will only use information about you that we collect from our Website, third parties, or outside sources in accordance with the GDPR's limitations on legitimate business use, recruitment, legitimate business interests, marketing purposes, investor relations, and security protocols.

Legitimate Business Use Under the GDPR

We may use the information we collect about you from our Websites or other sources to conduct business. This includes using your personal information to schedule business meetings, plan travel, host online meetings, or engage in other forms of business collaboration. When you contact us via our Websites or other means, we may record and store the information on our Websites or affiliated sites.

Legitimate Marketing Use Under the GDPR

We use cookies to track how you navigate our Websites, to improve our marketing efforts, to conduct research on our Website visitors, to improve our corporate communications, to assess our outreach and social media interactions, to make business plans, and to conduct market analytics. We may use this information to change the design of our website and analyse our business practises. When you subscribe to our newsletters or other materials, you agree to allow us to contact you about changes to our business, service updates, new marketing materials, and business announcements.

Legitimate Recruitment Use Under the GDPR

When you apply for a contract or full-time position with us, you agree that we may keep your personal information in order to improve recruitment communications and streamline our onboarding process. You agree to share this information with us when you submit your resume or link to your portfolio. We will occasionally share your data with clients in order to improve our business engagement efforts. In these cases, we will show clients your personal information, resume, and portfolio to highlight our team members' skills and experience. We will only do this if we receive a specific request from one of our clients. We have an international clientele, and they frequently inquire about the backgrounds of our team members. We may share your information in response to these requests to ensure you have the clearance to view a client's protected information and business secrets. We may request additional information in the form of background checks, work permits, tax status, citizenship status, and other checks in these cases. We may do the same to comply with regulatory and legal requirements regarding our employment practises.

Legitimate Business Use Under the GDPR

If you are employed by one of our clients, vendors, or business partners, we may use your data for business documentation. This includes production and signing of contracts, proposals, business plans, invoices, business accounts, and other documentation. We may present your personal background, experience, and portfolio to business contacts in order to promote our company, ensure the quality of our employees and contractors, and comply with regulatory requirements. We will share your personal information as needed to meet data protection, fraud prevention, and money laundering and corruption regulations.

Corporate and Investor Relations Under the GDPR

If you are an executive of Inbase Technologies or one of our affiliates, we may use your personal information to maintain and update our corporate records, present information about our executives to potential clients, and meet auditors' and investigators' obligations. Your information may be used to assist you and protect your rights in legal proceedings, audits, or other regulatory matters. Your information may be used to plan corporate travel, meetings, create meeting agendas, create presentations, and write corporate reports. Inbase Technologies will use your personal information to comply with legal obligations owed to banks, payroll, legal agencies, and other financial and legal institutions. Your information may also be used to generate annual reports, open corporate banking accounts, and comply with all regulatory and legal requirements.

Legitimate Security Interests Under the GDPR

We use your information to prevent fraud on our website, to protect our rights and interests, and to protect our intellectual property rights. You agree to allow us to use your information for these purposes when you visit our Websites. Personal information may be used to detect and prevent fraudulent or illegal use of our Websites.

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